Let’s get real for a second here. I have a lot of paintings and drawings that are just taking up too much space in my life. It will be painful to part with them, but I need groceries and to make rent. Prices have been reduced dramatically and they include shipping. If you’re interesting in any of these, shoot me a message.

Prices are mentioned in the photo caption

One of my favorite artists :) Great great brush work.

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Photographer & Artist:

Jon Jacobsen


Interesting mix of photography and illustration. Makes me want to photograph again!

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women and nature

I love this photograph. I really miss photographing so I think I need to do a project in the summer maybe. I really enjoy photographing landscapes lately…England is very inspiring.

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Acrylic on Strathmore coldpress Illustration board

Makes me want to paint…


Madárka, madárka projekt

Birdy, birdy project

Interesting technique! I’m a big fan of cross stitch and all crafty things, and this seems like a fun other way of doing it.

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Andrea Kowch

I’m so intrigued by Andrea Kowch’s work. It’s beautifully detailed and almost looks like photographs. I also really love the sort of vintage feel and hint to the old masters. 

Made some postcards for the final show!


A while ago I was asked to contribute work to The Black Cat issue of Wayward Arts Magazine. The entire magazine would consist of spreads made by different artists & art directors, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat. I had the opportunity to work with Andrew Passas for direction and together we made the first spread after the title. As a reader, you are able to fold the spread across the folding lines to reveal a cat face in the middle of the page. This project was a big learning curve for me and I enjoyed every minute of it, very proud to finally see it in print!

My favourite houses in London <3

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Collaborative comic by Aaron Billings and Julia Trybala

Great shapes and patterns

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